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Shedding Pounds of Pain


"Are you looking for meaningful, relevant and REAL information regarding achieving a healthy relationship with yourself, as well as with food? Are you tired of fad diets, quick fixes and false promises, only to be back where you started?  Are you ready to bring your dark to the light, in order that your true beauty, your true self may shine? If you are like me, tired and at a personal crossroads, I would highly recommend Jennifer Kupcho’s Shedding Pounds of Pain.

This intensive three-week program literally pushed me to confront issues I had stuffed down (literally and figuratively) with food, keeping my pain buried under what I thought were protective pounds.  While doing the work for this program I shed many tears, but these were of a cleansing nature; I have felt relief in some areas, have granted forgiveness to myself and others for the first time in almost 49 years.  The support, love and encouragement I received from Jennifer and the women in the group was incredible; this network of amazing women helped me to share things I have kept to myself, out of fear of being judged, as well as having to confront these matters for the first time.

You will have to work, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, but you will be loved and supported on your journey…And that is what Shedding Pounds of Pain is, a journey, your start to your new beginning, your true self, connecting with your soul and others.  This program has helped me begin a new way of eating, living and loving myself, and I know it can others as well. Namaste"

~ Jodie Lynn

"I just recently completed my first online course. I wasn't sure what to expect out of this course. The result were mixed emotions and very educational. The material given kept my attention from day one.  Jennifer checked in several times throughout our three week journey. She was very caring to our needs and adjusted the course to fit those needs. She made this a learning experience that is unforgettable. The awesome part is even though the course ends there is a  teachable section that can be visited anytime. Even though my course has ended I'm still adding thoughts to my journal assignment often. I'm still working on knocking my barriers down, the ones I didn't even know I had. Thanks to this course I have the tools I need to do so. I highly recommend that you all join in on this learning experience."

~ Susan White

"I recently had the pleasure of taking a live 3 week course, given by the phenomenal spiritual mindset coach Jennifer Kupcho, called "Shedding Pounds of Pain". Having never taken a "live course" before I was quite curious and excited to take this one. I found it to be a truly wonderful, enriching experience!

Jennifer is an experienced, kind woman and an exceptional coach. She was always available to answer questions and for individual support. While she posted frequent lessons and journal prompts she also went on live several times a week for live discussions.

To me, the journal prompts are an integral piece of this journey. I found the internal work that resulted from the prompts to be deeply moving and spiritual experiences.

I especially enjoyed the live portion of the course! I feel this, as well as Jennifer's coaching, that sets this course apart from so many others. Having Jennifer personally available live for discussion of the lessons and to answer our questions was truly remarkable and helpful.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in changing the relationship they have with themselves and the way they think about food. This is a great course given by a knowledgeable, compassionate coach.

I hope you will choose to join us on this amazing journey!"

~ Tabatha Johnson

ASL I course

"I have been interested in learning ASL since I was very young. As a child I had the opportunity to learn the alphabet but no further opportunities to learn anything else. One of my adult bucket list goals was to learn ASL and when I became friends with Jennifer and saw her sign I was so excited that she was offering a course that I could take.

Jennifer is an excellent teacher. This course is so easy to follow and gives valuable context as well. Even if you have no prior experience with sign language this course is a wonderful place to start. I really hope that Jennifer offers continuing education too because I will be taking any and every course she offers in the future!"

~ Tina Kempa

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