Copy of Empowered Empaths Coaching/Training: 4 Weekly Sessions

Copy of Empowered Empaths Coaching/Training: 4 Weekly Sessions


Welcome to the Empowered Empaths 4 session training and support program!

This is the perfect time to protect your energy during the Holiday Season! This is the best gift you can give yourself. Welcome to a season you can manage with less stress and more love and energy.

What is included in your package:

4 week training and support sessions include:

- 60 minute live, intimate sessions with nine other empaths and me as your coach and teacher.

- Unlimited access to me for questions and support during the month of our program.

- Recorded sessions you will have permanent access to via emailed link.

- Training on how to protect your energy, while still providing loving support to your family, clients, patients and friends.

- Receive the HOW and WHY it is important to stay grounded in those challenging situations with your family. You will taught how you can better serve them when you don’t match their emotions.

- Receive a clear understanding of WHY you feel drained and have a difficult time in certain ‘overwhelming’ situations, and HOW you can protect your energy.

- Downloadable, printable documents of Protection Prayers and Mantras you can use daily before entering situations where you know your energy will be tested.

** Early enrollment: You will be gifted a auditory, visual meditation recorded by me to help center and realign you when you are feeling anxious and/or off balance.

**Any women enrolling early who are Deaf: I will provide a printed script of the meditation to enable you to read it and focus on it in meditation.

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