Humility does not mean hiding

I want to share with you what was a VERY big barrier for me to work through and for many of the girls I coach.

It is fear. It is unworthiness. It is (mistaken) humility.

A revelation is not brought to light when we keep it to ourselves. It is only spread through sharing it, sharing His (the Universe, God, Buddha...whatever you are comfortable with using) message. His joy is not complete until ours is complete.

So this morning I share my joy.

For a very long time I mistook humility for deflecting compliments. I didn't feel worthy. I mistook sharing as, "Who am I to tell women what I think; what to believe?"

It is through learning, taking courses, reading and coaching that I have come to feel and to hear His message. I continue to be enlightened and understand I DISTORTED the message through my own pain and misguided beliefs. I was listening to my ego, not the true knowledge living within me. Once I changed the channel and lost the static, I started becoming aligned and reception was clear.

My old belief:
I thought I was ego driven when I wanted to connect with others and share with them a message burning inside of me.
In my head I heard, "Who am I to speak out?" "I am nothing." "I am not worthy of being heard." "There are so many people who are better than me." "They have the right to share. They are smarter. They have more experience. They are worthy."

I deflected compliments (not out of humility - but out of unworthiness). I hid from the knowledge that felt right and pure inside of me. It was not humility that kept me quiet. It was fear. And the EGO was doing its job PERFECTLY!😉

My new revelation:
The ego was wrong. It hid me away in fear. I released old beliefs that no longer fit and embraced new ones that fit me.
In my head I now hear, "Who are you to be selfish and hide His message? Who are you to disregard his Grace and joy when so many people are waiting...are in need of their own knowledge to be released?"
My new belief is that YOU as well as I are meant to share our gifts. When we do, there is NO EGO present.

Now when you compliment me I can feel the l❤️ve and the joy. It does not feed my ego because the message I shared was not mine to begin with. I am fulfilling my purpose. I am sharing. I am being used as a vessel. I can feel His joy and it fills my joy.

I love hearing your kind words - not because it feeds my ego, but because it feeds my soul, my spirit. It reminds me NEVER to close myself off out of fear again.

When I hear the ego calling...when it sneaks up and taps me on the shoulder (which it does quite often🙈), I read your messages and let them remind me that hiding is not humility. It is fear and it keeps me from joy. And I WANT JOY! 💫💕

Humility does not mean hiding. When you share your passion, you will feel the joy and you will not feed the ego.

Have no fear. Your message is clear and is meant to be heard.

Have a beautiful day my fellow spiritual warriors!

Jennifer KupchoComment