TRUST is Unbreakable

Most people think of ‘aha’ moments as exciting, amazing epiphanies, but in the past I looked at them through the lens of fear. It seemed normal to me to be petrified of change.

Didn’t everyone fear change?

I was surprised to find out not everyone’s head looked like mine. (psst…be thankful) ;)

Just a quick peek into my head:

If I acknowledged the ‘aha’ moment, then it would also mean I needed to take steps to make a change because I was wrong. My level of unworthiness was at an all time high and where most people saw an ‘aha’ moment as clarity, I saw it as another place I hadn’t been doing it right.  

So what did I do with those ‘aha’ moments?

I did what any perfect perfectionist in fear of being wrong would do. I ignored them.

But here is a little unknown secret about the Universe (probably just unknown to me because I had ignored that ‘aha’ moment along the way...insert palm to forehead here!):

The Universe is pretty big, pretty powerful and it refuses to be ignored!

In the past I used to gently stumble upon my little ‘aha moments.’ They would sometimes be an annoyance the size of a small pebble under my shoe and I would find myself losing my footing. When this happened I would simply stop and examine what had me off balance, but since it was only a minor hinderance, I would kick the ‘aha’ moment to the curb and keep on walking.

Did I forget to mention the Universe is persistent?

Over time I progressed from stumbling, to tripping, to rolling my ankle at times (insert shoulder shrug here). But I have a strong threshold for pain (seriously, what woman doesn’t?), so I continued to limp along.

Did I happen to mention the Universe is persistent?

Recently it seems as though the Universe has graduated from sharing pebbles and rocks with me to rolling boulders at me (or as I always say - life happens ‘for’ me, not ‘to’ me). Those once small ‘aha’ moments that were the size of a pebble under my foot have transformed into a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

I hear you, “Where are you going with this rock story, Jen?” It was a rocky start, but here is the transition into my new ‘aha’ moment (sorry -not sorry with the rock pun).


Yesterday I received a boulder-sized, mind-blowing message from my angels and guides about TRUST.

It had me checking in with myself…with my beliefs surrounding TRUST.

It also had me seeing why my old beliefs served me, what they gave me and why I hadn’t thought to question them. That is what any good angel message will do ;).

What I found was this:

My old beliefs allowed me to form elitist judgment on others. Based on what I believed to be true, I gave myself full permission to judge.

Here are some of my beliefs UP UNTIL YESTERDAY’S BOULDER arrived:

*People need to earn my trust.

*People can break my trust.

*My trust is fragile.

*Once my trust is broken, there is no repairing it.

*I have been powerfully judgmental of others’ behavior regarding the breaking of my trust.

Seems about right - right?

I never gave my beliefs a second thought until I received the boulder sized ‘aha’ message yesterday letting me see I had had it all backwards and upside down.

Through my old beliefs regarding TRUST and judgment, I was handing away my power.

I was choosing to live in victim mode and I was taking the nosebleed seat of the ultimate judge and jury towards the actions of others.


This couldn’t be right!

When someone broke my trust, I was the the one being hurt. They were wrong.

I had the right to…….I had the right to… judge.

No! Was that what I attached to the belief? Justification for judgment?

Yes. Yes it was!!

This is the moment when I didn’t quite dodge the boulder. I lost my Indiana Jones’ hat. and I was laid out flat.

After a moment of understanding how Flat Stanley felt, I picked myself up and dove in deep.

Were my beliefs on TRUST really working for me?

Truth, if they were, I wouldn’t feel so out of alignment and off balance. Ultimately our bodies will tell us what is working by how we are responding- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And I have certainly been out of alignment with my multitude of migraines lately.

The Universe is persistent in its lessons.

What we ignore we will receive again - only bigger and louder until we finally pay attention.

Here is where I surrendered.

Surrendered judgment on myself and others.


And now share with you.

Love and light,



Angel message- March 16, 2019

Your ability to trust has no boundaries.

No borders.

YOU  have created the lines that are crossed.

By you and by others.

The reality, your reality is there are no borders.

There are no sharp edges.

No cliffs from which you are in danger of falling.

Your safety is of the highest concern of your Heavenly Father.

Of us.

Don’t be fooled when you believe you have run out of trust.

You have trusted the wrong friend.

The wrong human.

There is no wrong.

And there is no broken trust.

Trust is UNbreakable.

The belief you hold is the broken link, not trust itself.

When you believe that trust can be broken, you begin to work from a place of fear.

When you work from a place of fear, you believe there is not enough.

You are in a place of shadows.

Of darkness.

Of lack.

You lose your ties with abundance and light and strength.

Believing that trust has limits means you no longer have access to abundance.

You create your own borders.

You create boundaries set on ‘how much’ of anything you have...or can have in your life.

This is where your error in thinking has occurred.

You are limitless.

You are the energy of all.

Of us.

Of your Heavenly Father.

You know the science behind it - all energy is neither created nor destroyed.

It was before you and you will be after you.

This is the truth:

You are without borders.

Without limits.

Your life was/is for the purpose of living in abundance and sharing it with others.

When you continue to live in the misunderstanding that trust has limits, you will also

believe you can be hurt.

You will believe in the pain more than you do the love.

You will believe in the judgment more than you do the love.

You have mistaken the truth.


Lead with love.

Lead with abundant thoughts.

Your misunderstanding of the limits of trust have you leading with limitations.

Leading with fear.

Leading with lack.

Always waiting to lose.

But we see you wanting to shift into alignment.

You read.

You pray.

You ask for guidance.

Here it is.

Here is what you have asked us for.

We are telling you.

Are you ready to receive?

There is no lack.

Only abundance.

There are no limitations on your life.

You live in freedom.

There is nothing to fear.

You cannot be hurt unless you choose to accept it as your truth.

You are limitless.

You are love.

You are all things abundant and joyful.

You are the healing you are seeking.

He sent you here with all you need.

Awaken and remember.