On this very holy weekend I want to wish you all a very blessed holiday - whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover, share your energy with those you love.....and those you don't love.

Hmm...? Those you don't love? I hear you, "But Jen, I thought you said we have  two choices: Love or Fear. Of course I choose love." But do we always? (spoiler alert to may answer - no, I don't...but I'm a work in progress.)❤️

If you are like me, I am constantly being faced with 'opportunities" (challenges)  to choose love - especially with people I do not agree with (and am still working on Judgment Detox with 😉). And sometimes that includes MYSELF.

I was faced with this very challenge yesterday - TWO times with two different people. And not little challenges...big ones!

I found myself being sucked in. Joining in and complaining with others, choosing to live in the energy FARTHEST from love I could possibly be.

As the day went on and I was alone with my thoughts for a while, I realized what I had been choosing and I began to understand why I was feeling a sense of anxiety, anger and all around heaviness on my heart.

I stopped myself in that minute and surrendered.

I asked for a miracle: aka-a shift in my perception. Then I placed it on the altar to be altered and readied myself for my miracle to be downloaded.

A couple hours later I received it.  I finally arrived home after Easter shopping, a little braindead 🙃, sat on my hopechest and flicked on the tv (which I rarely do these days) - so rare that my daughter said, "Mom, what are you doing?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know. Just felt compelled to unplug for a couple minutes and not think (which we all know is not possible 😉).

I ended up tuning in at the end of a drama (don't even know the name). All I know is a line hit me like a TON OF BRICKS and I started to cry. Ashlyn heard my sniffles and said, "Mom, are you seriously crying? You just turned it on."

Yes, I was seriously crying but not because the movie was sad, because I had received my miracle. On the screen a character asked, "Why are you going to forgive her? What she did should not be forgiven. She doesn't deserve it." And within the other character's response I found my miracle: It went something like this (paraphrased by me)....

~I forgive her for me. It takes only one choice, one time to forgive and then I am set free. But to live in resentment I must choose over and over again.~

The realization I had: I had been choosing to use my energy every day - over and over again to continue to live in resentment, grief and hurt. I was giving away my power to be happy and using that energy to pull up old memories and replay them in my mind. To keep the resentment fresh I had to continue to live in the past. And for every moment I did that I was robbing myself of being present in my life.

My sniffles had nothing to do with the drama. My tears were a release of my resentment & judgment and the receiving of the gift of atonement. My miracle.

We have the choice to choose again - every minute of every day.

Choose love. It will NEVER steer you wrong.

Have a beautiful holiday with your friends and family. Find your peace and share it with others.
Blessings to you all.


Jennifer KupchoComment