Good Morning Loves.

My dad ALWAYS calls me "Love" and it is something that has always made me feel valued and loved, so I'm sprinkling it on to you. ❤️
As I was journaling this morning I received this very strong message about judgment and oneness:

You cannot compare and have feelings of wanting 'more than' without currently feeling 'less than."

Hear me out.
You hear me talk about "oneness" all the time. About being connected and living as one, to dissolve the feeling of separation. Separation is where the ego lives. It LOVES to have us feel different - less than or more than.

The understanding of oneness and separation is directly connected to our judgement of ourselves, as well as others.

So here's the thing, we cannot look at someone we admire and put them on a pedestal without losing something ourselves. When we think,'Wow, they are so smart. They are where I want to ahead of me. I can't imagine my life being like _______'s. How could I ever possibly be where he/she is?," we open the door for separation and feeling less than. We allow ourselves to feel that we are lacking in some way. This is when our ego hears us calling, buts on it's superhero cape 💪 and steps in to do its job by 'protecting' us from what it perceives as hurt or possible pain. It starts a conversation in our head that goes something like this:

“Jen, you are nice and all, but you will never have what _________ has. It just isn't meant for you. It is meant for people like ____________. It's ok. You have some good qualities, but just don't think you can have __________ because you will feel disappointed when it doesn't happen, and I don't want that for you.You will be so much happier to accept where you are."

Insert flashing red warning light: DANGER, DANGER WILL ROBINSON💥: separation! (I believe I just gave away my age there!😉 )

Can you tell I've had this dialogue with my internal Little Jen many times before?!!

But not any more.
I recognize the voice (my Little ego Jen) so much quicker these days and lovingly calm and reassure her. I don't 'yell' at her because that would only put her on the defensive AND add to my feelings of self-loathing.

I understand that judgment separates us. It keeps us from seeing the other person as being a reflection of us and us a reflection of them. We are of ONE.

I hear you, "So Jen, are you saying we can't aspire to be more?" Not at all! ✨💫

The bottom line: there is a difference between feeling as one and appreciating and loving that person for the gifts they offer and SEPARATING ourselves by viewing them as 'greater than' and having 'more than.' This view leaves us feeling 'less than.' And we are done with separate and moving towards oneness, one step at a time.

Exercise in a Spiritual Mindset Shift:

Appreciate someone for what they are, what they have created and what they do, while recognizing the spiritual truth that God has created us in His likeness. That being the truth, He lives in me AND in you with the same loving presence. This shift in thinking allows us to feel and appreciate: oneness.

There is no separation and this is how we begin to release judgment. It is through this shift in thinking that we create miracles.

Time to go make miracles.

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