Don’t mess with the mission

I am a little blurry-eyed this morning after my visit to NYC last night, but I am in LOVE with processing it all.

There is so much I will share with you once it all falls into place within m head and heart.

AND there were so MANY 'aha' moments for me yesterday. From listening to what other women shared, to Gabby's words, herself, there was no hierarchy of importance or relevance. And everyone heard and took away what they were meant to keep.

In my eyes I was there to listen to EVERYONE. Every woman who stood up to ask a question, shed a tear, need encouragement or share their story held a link to me.

At first I worked from a place of ego tried to run the show. I wanted to see the differences between them and I, but I stopped that thought quick enough and came back to oneness. And girls, let me tell you, that's when the magic happens! When we stop looking for the differences and start seeing the 'oneness' between us, that's when walls come down and a loving relationship is rebuilt within us.

ONE of the many magical moments for me last night is when I heard Gabby say this simple phrase:

Don't mess with the mission.

It wasn't a highlight of anything she was saying. It was simply strung together with many other thoughts. But for me it was like it had been burned into the air, glowing and 3-D. Regan watched me pull out my phone and write it in my notes before I lost it.

It was for me.
It was for you.
It was truth.

So many, many times we question ourselves, our path, our purpose and if we are even doing it right, or following it correctly.

These simple words were the answer.
Simple and true.

If it feels right... if your heart is pulling you...follow.
Don't mess with the mission.

God (the Universe...whatever you are comfortable with connecting with) knows what He is doing. We don't. Well, let me rephrase that. Our Earthly mind does not, but our enlightened self does. We have ALWAYS known, but most times we are too scared to listen to that part of us, but it is the part that holds the true knowledge.

So it's time we start listening closer and stop messing with our mission!!



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