No feeling is final

I found my miracle at the gas station

I know it feels like a feeling is permanent sometimes, but the truth is - it's not. There is more on the other side and it's our purpose to move through it, learn and grow.

Yesterday I found myself in a funk. I am still sorting out my 'why' - my feelings, but truthfully they aren't the most important part of this share.

I found my miracle last night. After a day of what I would describe as internal 'sulky' behavior, I decided it was time to shift out of it. Truthfully, a part of me did want to stay there. I felt 'justified' in my bad mood. Anyone else ever feel like that? But I know that staying there causes me to have migraines, feel anxiety, get sick, so it was time to choose again.


But how? I truly felt stuck. I was arguing with my daughter (15 - that's all I have to say- 15 and a girl πŸ˜‰). But actually I  was causing the issues - I was judging her and felt she wasn't grateful. It was my perception. And that's what I was bringing to all the situations around me. I could recognize it.

My miracle found me at the gas station.

It was FREEZING last night, blustery and frigid. I felt bad for anyone having to work outside. My first shift came in recognizing my blessings and offering up a silent 'thank you' for our home we live in. I know there are many people that go without. But that was just the beginning of my shift. After my tank was filled, the older attendant come to my window bundled from head to toe to tell me the total. I then reached in my wallet for my debit card. When I opened my wallet I found my debit card AND a $5 Dunkin Donuts card. It had been in my wallet for almost a year. I don't know why I never used it. I thought of using it MANY times. I even pulled it out to hand to one of my kids a couple weeks ago. But I never did use it; until last night.

I pulled out my debit card and paid for my gas. Then I pulled out the DD card and handed it to the attendant. I told him to warm up those hard working hands with a cup of coffee after work and wished him a Happy New Year.

But I wasn't done. I took the steps toward my shift, but he completed it.

My shift came through him. As I turned my head away and reach for the keys to start my car, he stopped me. He reached in, took my hand in his and said, "Bless you my child. Have a beautiful New Year."

I was rendered speechless and immediately welled up.
He was so genuine. So loving.

My miracle came in the form of a blessing I VERY much needed. My miracle was in my shift of perception, but he was the angel who made it happen.

No feeling is ever final. We just need to take the steps to make the shift.

Choose again.


Jennifer KupchoComment