Choose peace

Backstory: my mother is currently in the hospital for a blockage in her stomach. She can’t eat or drink anything. The day I posted this I was on my way to go see her. Tomorrow we will find out if she will need surgery.

The Course in Miracles is changing my life as a woman, as a Spiritual  Mindset Coach and as a teacher. I have Gabby to thank for introducing me to it! ♥️
This morning was a rough one. I woke up with a headache,  the cat peed on my bed, I argued with my son and my sister called to warn me that 'plans have changed' with mom. They are planning on sending her home (all hooked up for feeding)  because they won't have any results for us on Friday - like we had been told we would have.

I tried to put a patch on each event this morning so that the dam wouldn't leak.

Confession: IT DID NOT WORK.  Not even a little.

I was so busy trying to take care of the outside influences, that I missed the inside - until the dam burst. Which consisted of me yelling and breaking down for a short cry.

As I sat and put on my big-girl panties, I slowed my thinking, slowed my breathing and began to look inward.

I was trying to 'fix' all the wrong things.

I was mad that  I didn't feel peace. That's normal, right? Let's be angry and resentful as we are searching for peace and comfort. That always works so well, right? (insert eyeroll and sarcasm here) 😉

So - I begin again. I choose again. Heck- this morning I've chosen about 5 times already. I'm so glad I have an infinite amount of chances to choose again.

I choose to start on the inside. I choose to create my own peace so that I may receive more.

That's the way it works, my friends.

We cannot receive something we haven't left room for. Make room for it and it will flow in.  

Reminder - we can CHOOSE AGAIN as many times as we need. ALL DAY long.

Sending you peace with the knowledge it will return to me. It's not magic. It's truth.


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