Shift in mindset

Warning: Reading this may cause a change in perception and mindset. 💗

When we can open ourselves up and hear with our hearts, we gift ourselves with the release of pain and the acquisition of peace and love.

Although I've been working on my own spiritual path for the last three years and have come farther than I could ever have imagined, I still am reminded daily that this is a journey. And last night I was gifted a challenge that I messed up BIG TIME! 🙈

I had just hung up from a wonderful one-on-one call with a client and was living in a fantastic, high vibe!  I was so at peace that I thought it would carry me through the rest of the night.

The Universe had other plans....

Did you ever get blindsided? Think you know it all - only to be surprised by a turn of events? That happens to me A LOT. 😉

My take-aways from my night:

I am human.
I mess up.
I mess up A LOT.
Sometimes I mess up BIG.
AND I am always gifted the opportunity to fix my mess by choosing again.
To choose peace; heaven over my hell.

Our hell is the pain we feel through the circumstances that are kept in place in part by our thinking. NOT the actions of another. Until we let go of being the victim of the world we see, we will not be able to let go of the pain we carry and find our peace.  

The miracle is the shift in our thinking.

Snapshot of my night:
I fought with my son. I let my fear take over and my heart heard NOTHING he was saying to me. At one point he even said to me, "Mom, why are you acting this way?"  I wanted to feel justified in my anger and I actually wanted to feel the pain and angst. I would not allow my heart to hear.

Bigger truth:
I wanted to feel the pain because I was punishing myself over something that didn't relate AT ALL to the fight with my son. Like I said, I have been traveling this path for three years now and I can quickly find clarity and answers that would have escaped me in the past.

With that knowledge I didn't let the fight be the end of the story. I let it be the light for a miracle to enter.

I read, prayed and opened my heart. I snuck into my 17 year old's room at 1:30am to tuck him in, kiss his forehead and tell him I loved him. When I reached the door he rolled over and said, "Mom?" As I turned back I heard him say, "I love you mom."  My heart heard him.

When I laid my head upon my pillow last night I prayed to open my heart further.
I prayed for the miracle of the shift of my thoughts.
I prayed for the WILLINGNESS to choose peace.

I received my miracle this morning.

The situation hasn't changed, but I did. My thoughts did. I woke up with my head swimming with all the poignant words my boy spoke last night. Everything my heart couldn't hear.

I am swimming in light and love today.
I am grateful for our fight.
I am grateful for messing up.

I am grateful for the chance to CHOOSE AGAIN.

It is no surprise this is the card I pulled and today I share it with you. I was gifted the chance to let go of my perception of my son and see him through the eyes of love.  We all have the choice to choose again ALL DAY long.
Every minute, every hour. Choose again. Choose love. 💗

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