Hear my soul speak

I am following the nudge to share today about miracles. Yes, you heard me, miracles.

As a young catholic girl I always thought of miracles as, "The dead being resurrected, Jesus walking on water or the parting of the seas." I thought they were nice stories and things that happened long ago - but not at all connected with my real 'today' life.

Thank goodness I am growing out of my limited old beliefs. With continued growth and learning and keeping an open heart, I now see miracles for what they really are.


Once I redefined my belief in what a miracle was and began to look for them, they now reveal themselves daily. Multiple times a day.

I experienced more than one today, but this is the one I choose to share.

October 13th Miracle:

I have a ring (shown below) that I bought about 5 years ago. It is my favorite and I wear it every day.

About 3 weeks ago I saw what I thought was a burn on my finger (where I wear the ring), so I had to leave it off. Over the last few weeks it turned into a rash and got progressively worse. This was unusual because I've never had any reaction to the ring over the last 5 years I've worn it. I bought all kinds of topical creams, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

Mind you, it didn't bother me. It was just 'there' and kept me from wearing the ring. I was sad not to wear it, but I knew I needed to give my hand time to heal.

Finally I realized nothing external was causing the rash and nothing external was making it better. Just like my migraines and other ailments, the rash was connected with something internal. So I set my mind to healing some issues, had an hour & 1/2 session with my coach and guess what? This past week everything cleared up --just as quickly as it showed up.

This morning I was doing a lot of prep work before my son's IEP meeting. And for those of you who read this morning's post you know I define prep work as reading, meditating, breathing and praying.  Once I found my balance, I finished getting ready for the day.

I realized I could wear my ring again and I was super excited!

I threw it on during my webinar on Wednesday night and it seemed like it felt good. No problems.

So this morning I set to polishing it and as I was cleaning it, I stopped to read the inscription. I had become so accustomed to wearing it, I never took the time to read it any longer (the inscription is the very reason I bought it in the first place).

It reads: Hear My Soul Speak

Hear my soul speak!? That is exactly what I was looking for this morning. What I meditated over. I wanted to bypass my human 'Earthly' body and connect with people, Jordan's teachers specifically, on a soul level. That's where the truth lies. That's where thoughts don't get twisted and tangled in the 'stories' we feed them.

The very ring I bought over 5 years ago held the exact message I needed this morning. Going without it these past few weeks opened my eyes to what I had been wearing all along.  The reflection of the very way I choose to live my life.

My miracle: Seeing. Truly seeing again. Sometimes we become blind to what is right in front of us.

My share with you? Let your soul speak. That is where truth and love are nestled together. You can never go wrong with speaking from your soul.

Jennifer KupchoComment