Honor Your Feelings

Honor Your Feelings


I hope your day has started off well, but I know sometimes it doesn't feel like sunshine and roses.

Even with all our spiritual tools, sometimes it can just feel crappy. Maybe you had an argument with your son or daughter. You are worried about your financial situation. You had a disagreement with your spouse or loved one. Got reprimanded by your boss. Or had a falling out with a friend.

If we want to work through the challenging times, we cannot ignore them.

We need to honor our feelings when they come up, so then we can see past the 'story' and understand what we are thinking.

What lies beneath the obvious trigger?

For example:

Your boss reprimanded you.

Yes, your boss was the trigger. Maybe you felt embarrassed, or hurt or mad.

It may take a good cry in your car at lunch or unloading with a good friend before you can begin to sort it all out. Give yourself the time.

Once you have honored how you feel, it's time to take the next step...figuring out what thoughts you had connected to the feelings.



Your boss reprimanded you.

You feel: sad; embarrassed.

Possible thoughts: She thinks I'm not good enough at my job. She is sorry she hired me. I may lose my job.

What thoughts is it 'bringing up' to serve you...better align you, to allow you to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you?

Possibly: I am unworthy. I am not good enough. I am only loved when I am perfect; when I do good.

These are just examples of some thoughts that might be buried within you like layers of an onion. You don't even know they are there until you start pulling them back. After practice you will see common themes run through different 'stories' and situations in your life. The same lessons will continue to pop up in different areas of our lives until we learn them.

We are so used to just reacting to the feelings that we don't get to the root cause: our thoughts. This is where the magic happens. Where the real change happens.

When you take the time to peel them back (what I do with the girls in my coaching tribe) you can work with letting go, aligning and choosing new thoughts.

New thought: I am good enough. I am worthy. I love myself even when I make a mistake. A mistake doesn't define me. I define me.



So if you have moments in your day that are less than stellar, honor them.

Feel the feels before you move forward.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, which means our human experiences give us information, knowledge and growth we need.

The journey truly is the most important part of the trip.


Sat Nam,


Jennifer KupchoComment