Our Memories Can Restore Our Balance

Welcome to Venice Beach (one year ago for me- dreaming of being back there again). πŸ–οΈ

If you caught my live last night, you heard me talk about posting a picture this morning that brings me peace AND I asked you to look for one yourself.

And not any ole' picture.

Specifically a picture that you are either in, or you were present when it was taken.

A picture that brings back visceral memories of warmth, peace, happiness, joy, relaxation.

Not a picture from a place you want to visit.

It is important that you have an emotional connection with your picture and more importantly, the experiences you had while there.

It is not the picture that will restore us, but rather the love we felt, the comfort we experienced and our state of being at the time.

And if you don't have a picture, bring back the memory in your mind - even journal about all the details you can bring to mind when you have the time. The more specific you are, the more you will relive the experience.

I have two other memories that could seem insignificant to someone else, but to me they still bring me peace and balance when I recall them.

Ashlyn Faith, my daughter, was a little sneak πŸ˜‰with her phone and snapped this picture of me and I will FOREVER be grateful to her.

The entirety of this moment was probably no more than 15 minutes in length, but it will forever be my 'go-to' balance picture.

The temperature was perfect.

The breeze was perfect.

The sand was perfect.

Was the entire trip perfect? No.

There were sibling arguments.

Disagreements on where and what to do.

But I can't remember what the fights and arguments were about.

But I can remember how I felt at this VERY moment on Venice Beach. I remember my state of being and giving myself over to laying down right there by myself. My family was still walking around by the water and the rocks when I put my pocketbook under my head (no one likes a sandy head πŸ˜‰) and just lay there giving gratitude and taking it all in.

Literally soaking it in.

I keep this picture on my phone and pull it up to center myself when I feel myself 'spiraling," but you can do the same thing with a memory if you don't have a physical picture.

It is important to be 'willing' to see things differently in our busy lives. That's all it takes to make the shift.

A willingness.

The moment we choose not to continue in our Taz spiral (that's what I call the spiraling out of control feelings - Tazmanian Devil πŸ€ͺ) is the moment we can begin to shift out of old patterns and adopt a new way of thinking.

The change in the thought is what will make a change in the behavior. If we change the behavior before we change the thought, it will not stick.

By using a picture we can interrupt our thoughts and gain the time we need to make a shift in our thinking.

To choose love.

To choose balance.

To restore our state of being and realign ourselves.

Thank goodness we don't live an all or nothing life. We are given the gift to choose again -

every second

-of every minute  

-of every hour  

-of every day.





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